Monday, February 20, 2006


Here it is, my first picture post! As I said previously, the ministry of eating...
(Jan, Terry and I).

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tango Lesson #1: Walking

Stand straight...head up, shoulders square, knees slightly bent. Keep your feet grounded at all times...heel first as you step. Listen and feel the music as you walk and learn to move with it.

Dancing With God

Having finished three years of seminary during which I did a LOT of sitting and thinking, it was time for me to get up and MOVE. Although my only formal training consists of some tap and ballet sometime before I was 9, I've always loved dance in every possible form and determined never to let the fear of looking foolish to ever stop me from enjoying it. So when Tango, and more recently Salsa, came along as opportunities, I jumped in with both feet. For me, I sensed there was MUCH God wanted to teach me about leading and following, initiating and responding, giving and receiving, doing and being through these dances. And indeed, He is:).

The Trip

(context: my mom and I drove from MN to RI and back again between Jan 29-Feb 12)

Since it may be awhile before I'm actually able to execute posting a picture, allow me to give you a word picture my mom sent to me in an email on 4/3/03 (cleaning out old emails is somewhere down around 2,534 on my priority list)...

I happened to be thinking this morning about how much Jesus evidently enjoyed some of the good and legitimate pleasures of earth, especially eating. We used to tease in my family about vacation photos that showed 'here we are eating lunch at...' followed by 'and here is where we ate supper ... ' - and i compared that to the frequency with which the new testament writers provided verbal snapshots of meals.
Then I imagined Jesus reporting back to God after the resurrection, and mostly they talked soul business, of course, but after awhile God asked "so what did you do that was fun while you were there?" - and Jesus being thoughtful for a minute before he smiled and burst out "those picnics at the lake! We totally relaxed there, and the guys always had these really fresh fish to cook up...oh, Pop, they were so awesome!
...and I imagined them planning the little fish fry that surprised the disciples...

Yep, that pretty much sums up the trip physically, emotionally and spiritually.