Friday, February 15, 2008


On December 12, I (alone) was reversing (backing) out of our driveway onto the busy main road when the car was hit by a large panel truck. The car spun 180 degrees and ended up with the back bumper in the drain. By the incredible grace and protection of God, I walked out of the accident without a scratch. Our car was not so lucky...
Fortunately, Andrew's cousin Neal does car body work. He worked day and night to get the car back to a driveable state in time for Christmas. When you fix a car in Trinidad, you are responsible for locating and delivering all the parts (and the vehicle) to the mechanic - which is often a bit of a feat as most families only own one car AND most mechanics specialize in one or two elements (air conditioning, body work, alignment, tires, carborators, etc). Andrew's brother Clint was a big help to us in driving Andrew around to find parts. We're still fixing this and that, but it's getting us around, for which we're incredibly grateful!
Needless to say, I haven't done much driving since the accident. If I want to get a Trinidad license before my US license expires, however, I'll need to pass their driver's test by March 7. Please pray I'll be able to take it and pass!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yikes! You didn't mention this in your Christmas letter. Ha! Nice picture - bummer of a deal. I'm so glad you and Andrew are doing well, and I'm going to pray that your driving improves as you get used to being on the left side of the road.
Miss you!!

3/05/2008 5:43 PM  

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