Saturday, January 23, 2010

Simply Amazing

Lisa & Declan - this one's for you:).

Simply Amazing by Terence Hart from Heart of Gold
Terry is a friend of a friend here in Trinidad

That a stone would sink and a ship could sail
To Hubbard's glacier between the whales
That the sun and the moon and the starry skies
Would make way for the eagle as she flies
Where fjords beckon and rainbows dare
Exist in such an atmosphere
Where rivers are frozen and the wind blows cold
And nature confirms what has oft' been told
That sunset and dawn would almost kiss
On a summer night of endless bliss

Welcome to Alaska, home of the jade
And the bear and the salmon and the ulu-blade
Where dog sleds ride and totem-poles stand still
Testifying in a whisper of the craftsman's skill
Where the aurora lives and the green leaves die
And creation's wonders are magnified
Where cruise ships line each port of call
It's the most majestic cruise of all
All these things you would see and more
It's wonderful to travel, it's a chance to explore

Now imagine a world where people are free
To traverse new frontiers without fear of the sea
Without fear of the skies, without fear of man
Where each one gives one a helping hand
Surely you would love to have a seat then
And ride for eternity with your dearest friend
On a ship that could sail where the stone surely sinks
Far out in the ocean where everyone thinks
About life and it's purpose and what God has in mind
Maybe through such thinking, the Truth you will find
And with joy and with wonderment you would look up and say
"It's simply amazing just to be here today!"


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