Friday, February 15, 2008

More Trini Talk

dhall= split peas
bonnet= hood of car
windscreen = windshield of car
"A pleasant good morning/evening" = hello
Solo/AppleJ/Peardrax/Peppy/Malta= soft drinks
sweet drink = soft drink
maubi = a drink that's like a cross between tea and licorice
sorrel = a drink that's like rose hip tea with cinnamon and cloves
spice = cinnamon sticks
American rice = rice with peas and corn in it (who would have guessed?)
injections = shots
plaster = bandaids
tablets = pills
"How you going?" = How are you doing? or How are you?
half eight = eight thirty
half seven = seven thirty (you get the idea...)
fig = banana
"skews" = excuse me
pssst = hey you
creamed potatos = mashed potatos
mash the breaks = hit/slam the breaks
mash the X = hit the gas (accelerator)
indicator = turn signal
mash up/bonx = hit/accident
kill it = finish (eating or drinking) the last of it
oats = oatmeal
van = pick-up truck
truck = any other large vehicle
naked lights = broken head or tail lights
maxi (taxi) = small bus
kit = tupperware
"laters" = see you later
"we're making a move" = we're leaving now
channa = garbanzo beans
geera = caraway seeds
mathe (pronounced "may-ti") = foengreek
PriceSmart = Sam's Club (to a T)
truly? = really?
sweet bread = biscuit type bread with candied fruits and raisins in it
dark/rum cake = fruit cake
paste = any spread (like cheese or egg)
thiefing = stealing
wares = dishes
pack up/away = put away (dishes or clothes)
cooken = crisco
slippers = flip flops
we = us
washroom = bathroom
mangrove = cyprus
black/blood pudding = sausage
biscuit = cookie
junction = intersection
heater = iron
got onto = was able to get ahold of


Blogger Jamison Cockerham said...

I've heard some of these in England and some of them in Florida and Kentucky.

3/31/2008 7:49 AM  

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