Saturday, January 23, 2010

And Still More Trini Talk

slow down the music = turn down the music
slow/turn down the light = turn the light lower/off
leaking = sweating
monkey marrieden = when there's rain & sunshine at the same time
feel to = feel like
we gone to come back = we'll be right back
drop out (of the car) = get out of the car
kicking = smelling strongly
cream = lotion
making a baby = pregnant
bitter = hot (as in hot pepper)
Jersey = T-shirt
way sa = ask Aaron
come better = beat that
out in their large numbers = alot of them
hardened = stubborn
lock off = turn off (the gas, the water, etc.)
out the fire = dowse the fire
chupid = stupid
handle his/her stories = able to take care of themselves
Kaiser ball = jaw-breaker
racks = clothes hangers
nursing home = a private hospital
home for the aged = nursing home or group home for elderly
flims = films
scrumbs/jitters = crumbs
give a right = to wave
commesse = confusion
bad skylark = a practical joke
bentweedle = to cause indescribable discomfort
blockorama = block party
districker = homeboy
gramoxone = a weedicide commonly used for poisoning and suicide
gru gru bef = a tropical fruit
gun mouth pants = tapered pants
leggo ah steups = to suck one's teeth in disgust
maga = thin/emaciated
malspriggle = to put in complete disarray
mamaguy = to try to fool or flatter
rab = fuss, confusion
ramajayin' = talking ab lib or dancing
parlour = a small shop, mostly sells snacks and phone cards
wap swap = a noisy exchange of checker pieces
watch yuh scotch = be careful about what you are doing
wuk = stomach gripe/ache
belly gripe = diarrhea
x to board = travelling at full speed
xante = show off
yootmen = young men
zebapique = tea for stomach pains


Blogger angie said...

how are you Lisa? my family is trying to reach pastor Andrew they are members and we have a family emergency cecelia and latoya francois please call us at 647-5655

12/06/2011 4:14 PM  
Blogger Lisa Sinanan said...

We're trying to call you, but are not getting through. Try our home phone number 650-0673.

12/08/2011 7:25 AM  

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