Friday, November 23, 2007

Election Results

PNM won 26 of the 41 seats and therefore Patrick Manning is once again the Prime Minister of Trinidad. Shortly after winning, he said "we flogged them in the north, we flogged them in the south, we flogged them in the east, and we flogged them in the west!" referring to the fact that they had won all but the centrally located constituencies. That statement became instantly famous and is now mimicked in much other rhetoric around the country (including sermons:)). I imagine we'll hear for years to come. For more on the elections, check out this Trinidad newspaper article:


Blogger Janice-a said...


I enjoyed looking through your blog this AM- I blogged to the north, blogged to the south, blogged to the east and blogged to the west!

I'm intrugued with the kayak exploration of the swamp, particularly.

1/05/2008 9:36 AM  

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