Friday, August 10, 2007

July 7, 2007 - Trinidad Reception

We arrived "home" on June 29, Andrew led a wake service for his cousin Asha (38 years old - died of a lung clot) on June 30, preached in service July 1 (which was also Lisa's birthday), and then started planning the Trinidad reception in earnest. It all came together beautifully with a little loaves and fishes food miracle as 100 stretched closer to 200 friends and family in attendance. It was pretty much a Trinidad wedding minus the vows. Andrew & I dressed at home and were driven to the church with a procession of cars following us. When we arrived, we processed in to Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring and were seated on the lovely swing (do you even recognize it?) my mom had given us. Decorations were the standard lights, silk flowers, tulle, and a banner (we skipped the balloons). the reception was emceed by Shah Mohammed, a pastor friend of Andrew's who's working with our church now. There were "specials" (vocal solos), worship songs, toasts (with more peardrax), sticking of the cake, and a full meal of roti, stew chicken, pumpkin, salad, and "mother-in-law" (a spicy hot pepper relish). The swing was quite a hit with couples who lined up after the meal to get their pictures taken in it. Everyone had a wonderful time:).


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